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Schoharie communities to meet and discuss flood funds

As Schoharie and surrounding communities continue their cleanup from storms including Irene and Lee, a meeting will be held to determine where some of the funding will go.

Funding for community reconstruction projects now totals $18 million.

The meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 27 at St. Mark’s Lutheran church, 326 Main Street in Middleburgh.

The funds are part of the NY Rising Community Reconstruction Program.

Solar energy lecture at SUNY Cobleskill on Feb. 6.

SUNY Cobleskill continues to host lectures that focus on sustainability and environmental concerns.

Coming up on February 6, Adnan Buxamusa will lead a panel discussion on how solar energy can be used to power our homes and lifestyle.

The panel discussion is scheduled to go from 8-9 p.m. in the college's Bouck Auditorium .

For more information on the series, please call (518) 255-5631.

Judge snuffs out smoking ban for parks

A New York State judge is ordering state park officials to stop enforcing a recent ban on outdoor smoking.

Justice George Ceresia says the no-smoking rule is not supported by any policy set by the Legislature.

He notes that while lawmakers enacted restrictions on indoor smoking, the Assembly and Senate have attempted but failed to target smoking in outdoor parks.

Parks officials said they enacted the rules to protect visitors from secondhand smoke. They plan to appeal.

Schoharie students learn leadership skills

Some students from Schoharie High School spent part of their summer building their outdoor skills.

Camp Oswegatchie is an environmental leadership camp in the Adirondacks.

The eight teens from Schoharie High School joined about 170 others for team building and leadership workshops.

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Schoharie Central Schools host 2013 Cave Rescue Operations

Students from more than a dozen states and Puerto Rico converged on the  Schoharie Central Schools campus earlier this month.

The students took part in 2013 Cave Rescue Operations and Management Seminar.

The program conducted by the National Cave Rescue Commission (NCRC) and National Speological Society involves emergency management and rescue techniques.

A tent city was built on campus, as part of the program.

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National Grid offers energy saving tips

National Grid offers energy saving tips

With high energy demands during the day due to heat, National Grid is asking customers to help reduce electricity during the day in other ways.


Here are some tips from National Grid:

Put off energy using activity –Turn off lights when they are not needed, and
avoid cooking, bathing or washing clothes during this period.

Unplug electronics – Even though your television and other appliances are
turned off, electronics with little standby lights still draw electricity. Unplug any
unnecessary appliances.

Adjust the thermostat, use fans – To reduce the energy use of your air
conditioning systems set the thermostat as high as health and comfort will permit.
Using fans in occupied rooms, instead of air conditioning, also reduces energy

"Bounty of the County" raises $16,000 for SALT

"Bounty of the County" raises $16,000 for SALT

The Bounty of the County dinner, showcasing foods in Schoharie County proved to be a big success.

The Business Review reports around $16,000 was raised for flood relief efforts in the Schoharie Valley Basin Area.

The fundraiser was organized by Albany-based Wine and Dine for the Arts.

Proceeds from the event benefit Schoharie Long Term Recovery.

So far, the organization raised $1 million of its $3 million goal.